About parodyRus.com

par·o·dy : a piece of writing, music, video, acting, etc., that imitates the style of someone or something else in an amusing way.

parodyRus.com is a one-stop place where you can find and share the funniest parodies for trending videos in Youtube™.

How does this site work?

  • For visitors - You can submit 1 parody video at a time until it has been reviewed and approved by the site administrator.
  • For logged in members - You can initially submit 2 videos and 4 parody videos. Every time your submitted videos and parodies are approved by the site administrator, you will be allowed to submit even more videos and parodies (max up to 9). You can log in by registering with your email address or using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo accounts.
  • Everyone can enjoy watching and vote on the parodies, except for the ones that are pending administrator's review.
    Member's vote is worth more than the visitor's vote.

Video/Parody/Report Submission

  • If you submit a video or parody, you will be able to verify and watch it but no one else except for the administrator will be able to watch it until it has been approved.
  • We will do our best to review and approve (or reject) the submitted videos and parodies within 24 hours from the submission but it can take up to 48 hours.
  • Once approved by administrator, you will be able to submit even more videos and parodies than before.
  • If your submission has been rejected, it will be deleted from the site and your account will receive a warning. If you receive 3 warnings, your account will be locked until reviewed by the administrator, which can either reinstate or permanently terminate your account.
  • Please use the Contact Us page at the bottom of page if you have any queston about this site or your submission status.